BPO Full Service

We have A Complete Structue And Trained Personnel To Carry Out All Your Backoffice Tasks

Your company can devote itself exclusively to its business activities, while specialists with a reduction in costs and a high-level management information perform its operation.


  • Bookkeeping in accordance with technical and legal standards;
  • Preparation of regular and special financial statements;
  • Financial Statement Preparation with accounting principles adopted in other countries;
  • Consolidation and Conversion of Financial Statements;
  • Asset management and cost control with the generation of customized reports for the company's business needs.

Inspection And Tax Routines

  • Calculation and control of taxes and contributions;
  • Fiscal bookkeeping, preparation and delivery of subsidiary obligations;
  • Monitoring tax status together with Federal, state and local tax administrations;
  • Balances and tax compensation control.


  • Processing accounts receivable, payable and collections;
  • Control of bank balances;
  • Preparation of cash flows.

Preventative Work

  • Analysis of the fiscal situation of the company through statement generated by federal, state and municipal agencies;
  • Information crosscheck with subsidiary obligations.


  • Opening and closing a business;
  • Collection and regularization of documents before the Board of Trade, Internal Revenue Service of Brazil, Department of Finance, Municipalities, Notaries and other Public Agencies.

Human Resources - Staff Management

  • Payroll and social charges, employee registrations, terminations and certifications;
  • Subsidiary obligations required by the government;
  • Guidance and control of the implementation of the Consolidation of Labor Laws - CLT;
  • Benefits management;
  • Organizational diagnosis;
  • Skills Assessment.


  • Assistance in foreign languages (English, Spanish, etc.);
  • Consulting by phone, internet and in person;
  • Information on major changes in the tax and fiscal legislation.
BPO Full Service: Full structure and trained staff to carry out all your back office tasks.

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