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We Are Specialists In The Search For Talent

We do the entire recruitment and selection process for current vacancies. Thus, it is necessary to have the backing and improvement of modern selection techniques, which allow for accurate measurement and better assessment of capacities, abilities and X skills and attitudes of the candidates. With the hectic pace and current growing technological changes in the labor market, the is an increase in requirements for processes and organizations increasingly prioritize and delegate qualified the role of searching, captivating and selecting talent to qualified professionals.

The aims of the selection process are:

  • To find the most suitable professional for each job profile;
  • To streamline the hiring process, minimizing the time taken;
  • To identify professionals with the appropriate level of knowledge and skills that enable them to perform the functions for which they are being selected;
  • To identify professionals with attitudes and behaviors adhering to the mission, values and organizational culture of the customer company;
  • Ensure quality and assertiveness in hiring talent, helping the organization to achieve profitability and growth in your business;
  • Reduce costs to the customer through effective partnership.

We Customize Our Process Depending On The Situation Of Each Customer

We highlight the stages of our work:

  • We nominate one member of the team who will be responsible for driving each selection process, respecting knowledge and familiarity with the situation of the contracting company;
  • Identification of the technical and behavioral profile that the customer seeks, preferably on site, for better understanding of the needs and reality into which the candidate will be inserted;
  • Preparation and planning action strategies that will guide the development of the selection process;
  • Use of available and necessary resources to find professionals that match the profile specified;
  • Selection interviews with a trained professional, fit for this role, focusing on the predefined profile;
  • Presentation with resumes, containing the records of the information and comments about the candidates considered favorable in the selection of SferaBPO to interview with the customer;
  • We are attentive to their needs until the choice of their new employee and their entry into the organization;
  • Feedback is provided to all candidates who participated at the end of the selection process.

Benefits Offered Through The Recruitment And Current Vacancy Selection Service

The intelligence of the recruitment and selection of personnel is in the collection and identification of new employees that are in line with and consistent to the organizations business strategy:

  • We have a computerized system of recruitment and selection managing thousands of professional curricula, from various fields, ensuring speed, security and quality in any selection process;
  • Reappointment guarantee of up to 30 days after commencing employment if the employee does not adapt;
  • Flexible opening hours compatible with customer needs;
  • Site with appropriate application for disclosure of vacancies, registration and receipt of candidate resumes. Recruitment and selection team composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals.
Outsourcing: quick access to third party resources and competitive costs.

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