Differentiating factors and strengths

The key differentiating factors and strengths of the leading company in the market sector are:

  • Organic and sustainable growth;

  • Professional employees with an extensive knowledge of business processes of customers with superior experience in planning, managing and carrying out projects, which provides security in terms of the delivery deadline and quality of services;

  • Investments in the continuous improvement of our processes;

  • Technical knowledge and mastery of various platforms and working methods;

  • The expertise of the professionals of our Development Centers, whose knowledge of language, customer patterns, development environments, support tools, techniques and market concepts, add great value and productivity to the construction process of SferaBPO projects;

  • Appropriate policies on recruitment, selection and maintenance of qualified professionals;

  • A team specialized in personnel management, which works neutrally, responsibly and ethically, respecting the individuality of each professional to better meet the human capital that is our biggest advantage;

  • Transparency and ethics in the customer / supplier relationship in terms of execution and the provision of the services contracted, striving to establish a long-term relationship through commitment and surpassing customer expectations.

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