Shared Office

Quality Physical Structure With Complete Administrative Support

This is a package of services that allows SferaBPO make a team of administrative support available like that of a conventional office, using the customer's own address or by the use of strategic business address, without the cost of a permanent physical structure. With Shared Office, the customer has complete facilities and an efficient service team to solve day-to-day service and only pay for what they use.

It provides:

  • Business address and high level corporate image;
  • Preferential treatment;
  • Rooms equipped for individual sessions and meetings;
  • Internet and telephone extension availability;
  • Catering service;
  • Personalized telephone service with unique number;
  • External calls transfer;
  • Voice mail;
  • Photocopy and printing service;
  • Motorcycle courier service;
  • Office orders.
Shared office: quality physical structure with full administrative support.

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